Get Familiar with SaaSLicense

SaaSLicense main dashboard components and icon descriptions

A quick reference guide on the individual components and icons in the SaaSLicense application.

Components of the Interface and Main Dashboard

Main Menu

Major Icon Descriptions

Dashboard Header

Dashboard IT View

Dashboard Procurement View

Connectors (Add Application Connectors)

Main Menu

Contains all of the Reporting/Contracts/Visibility/Optimization/Risk Management/Tag Management and Documents of SaaSLicense. Click on the Icon and Title to reveal the drill down of Submenu items.

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Dashboard UI 3



Clicking on the yellow bell, you will be taken to the Alerts Summary page.


By Clicking on the β€œYour Name”  Drop down, located in the Upper right hand corner of the menu bar you be given 3 options. You can select β€œMy Profile” to go to your Profile information page to update your Name, Email and Reset Your Password. This Dropdown Menu will also give you the Option of a Quick Site Tour and the Option to Log Off.

Site Tour – This is a quick walk through of all of our main dashboard components. By selecting this option you will run through a quick demonstration of the basic features of our product.

πŸ”’ If you are a Super User, you will have access to additional drop-down options like Company Settings. Company Settings is where you can edit your Users and make changes to the Default Notification Settings.

Dashboard UI 2-2

Major Icon Descriptions

⚠️ In order for the changes to be saved throughout the portal, the GREEN Save Button Icon must be selected and the screen must close out. The red Button deletes current changes

Dashboard Header

Located on the Main Dashboard – This panel is a clickable resource that allows visibility into spend and usage. The panel leads into Sub-menu Reports. The Top Dashboard provides information for estimated savings, total contracts for renewal, estimated annual spend and overages you might have due to over-subscription of your products.

saaslicense top dashboard
  • Estimated Annual Savings – A Summary of Annual SaaS Savings of All Connectors/Apps. By clicking on the green box, you will be taken to the Suggested Savings Report as listed under Reports
  • Contracts to Renew This Year – The number of Contracts up for renewal in the calendar year. By clicking on the yellow box, you will be taken to Contracts Renewals
  • Estimated Annual Cost – A Summary of the Total Cost of all Connector/Apps. By clicking on the blue box, you will be redirected to the Applications Summary page under
  • Estimated Annual Overage – A Summary of cost associated with exceeding current license thresholds. By clicking the red box you will be directed to the Overage report under

Dashboard IT /Procurement Modes

The Upper Main Dashboard lists of all of your connected applications.

A) You can switch views by toggling the radial button IT view-Procurement view.

B) Procurement view which will change the information on the screen to focus more on contract information such as Contract start/end dates and Renewal Date.

C) You can also drill down to the application/connector level by clicking on one of the Blue Application Titles.


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Connectors (Adding Application Connectors to Your Dashboard)

  1. From Main Dashboard, Scroll down to view Available Applications to Connect
  2. Click on the target Connector and follow instructions  

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