Step #5 License Cost Configuration

Step #5 License Cost Configuration

The application pricing tab outlines the license information purchased for your Users.

In order to accurately report costs, estimated savings as well as estimated run-out-dates, license pricing and quantities need to be configured for your applications tracked within the SaaSLicense portal. The Pricing Tab outlines License Type, Description, Subscription period, Price, # Purchased Licenses, # Used Licenses. If discounts apply, the amount or % may be applied to each line item to calculate Total Annual Cost. 

pricing fields

Options for entering License & Pricing

  • Double Click/Edit Row
  • Add Row(s)
  • Upload pricing template

1. To configure license pricing, first open the application's pricing tab

2. If the connector's API provides License Type information SaaSLicense has added a street value price to the license types identified through the API, double click on a row or click on the pencil icon to enter or update contracted license pricing details. Don't forget to Save your changes!

Pricing double click3

3. Click the + to Add a row and follow the license wizard steps.Pricing add row1

     3.1 Enter an optional License Description.

     3.2 Select a License Type from the drop down.

     3.3 Select a Subscription from the drop down.

     3.4 Enter a price

     3.5 To apply discounts by %, enter discounted rate.

     3.6 To apply discounts by $ amount, enter discounted amount.

     3.7 Save!


LIcense wizard

4. Click the Upload icon to upload a completed pricing template.

Pricing upload2


📌Note, User license types are associated to application users to appropriately report estimated savings and overage. Refer to License Assignments for more details.


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