Office 365 API Integration

How do I connect SaaSLicense to the O365 API?

Directions to connect SaaSLicense to O365.

1. From the SaaSLicense main Dashboard, scroll down to view the Available Applications

2. Click on O365 → Connect.

scroll down

3. With administrative credentials you can integrate through a secure OAuth connection.

4. Follow the wizard steps. 

5. Once Connected, Syncing will begin. Syncing can take up to 24 hours. 

⚠️ Admin credentials must be used to register applications


Global Admins will need to confirm access rights and confirm permissions include:
1. AuditLog.Read.All (permission to read Audit logs) & 
2. Organization.Read.All (permission to be able to read licenses information)

It is required to set up permissions for account via Azure Active directory (since access to Office 365 is managed through Azure AD)

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