Renewal Managment

How do I add renewals for expired contracts?

Update pricing and contract terms once Application agreements are renewed.

This article reviews

  1. Updating expired contract details with renewed contract details 
  2. Contract timeline
  3. Alternatively, uploading the renewal agreement (PDF) for parsing

📎If expiration notifications have been set up for an application, designated recipients will have received an email indicating one or more of the following:

  • Warn X days prior to expiration
  • Contract Expired
  • Separately notify internal contract owner when contract expires

Also refer to Notifications

View expired contract details from:

  • Link to the target application from the notification email or,
  • Main menu -->Contract Renewals, Click on Application or,
  • Open the target application's Contracts Tab

    Main menu4

    • When you click on the green renew icon shown above, the contract record opens in green-edit mode. Saved updates & new contract details will be added to your Contracts Timeline.
    edit mode
    • Note the contract timeline reflects the active, expired contract. When you click on the Started or Expires details box, the Contract information is shown for the selected contract.
    active contract
    • When you update and save renewal details, notice the old contract is saved and a new contract has been added to the timeline.
    updated timeline

    Adding renewals via Contract Upload (parsing)

    If there is no contract attached to the Contract record, you can upload the agreement for parsing by clicking 'Attach Contract'.

    attached contract2