Getting Started With Your SaaSLicense Trial
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Steps to a successful SaaSLicense Trial

Now that you have registered for your SaaSLicence Trial, you are ready to connect and sync the applications you selected for Trial. Please note, some reports and system functionality will be unavailable during your trial period. For example, SaaSLicense optimization data is collected over time. SaaSLicense Optimization reports uncover low utilization costs and user activity distribution for each application. These reports generally require at least 30+ days of data collection to report meaningful data. Wherever a report or function is unavailable, a link to  learn-more articles will be provided. 


Who else in your organization wants to trial SaaSLicense? If additional User accounts are needed so they too can log in and experience SaaSLicense, you may add more Users now or at a later time. 

📌How do I add more Users?


⚠️ For your SaaSLicense trail, all added User accounts will default to the Global Admin role. You will not be able to create new roles types having different permissions. 



connectorsFrom your Dashboard, scroll down to see the connectors available for Trial. Click Connect.

The connection wizard will walk you through the required steps to authenticate and register the target application. More information is provided in the table below:

Application Directions for connecting ⚠️ What is required?
Salesforce Directions Administrator credentials
Office365 Directions Administrator credentials
GoToMeeting  Directions Administrator credentials
Zoom Directions Administrator credentials
Slack Directions Administrator credentials


📌Learn more about the contract key attributes and how they fuel reminders and notifications. 


📌Learn about the SaaSLicense approach to contract renewals


    Companies tag apps based on many variables such as risk profile. Categorize/segregate into key areas for reference and reporting
  • Tagging enables custom reporting on any variable you can conjure.


   ðŸ“ŒHow do I tag?