SSO Using SAML 2

Can I connect SaaSLicense Users via secure delegated access, such as SAML 2.0?

There are several ways to connect to SaaSLicense portal using SAML 2.0, including through Okta, Azure AD or Google GSuite.

If not connecting using Azure AD, Okta, GSuite, General guidelines are as follows.

  • Create new application integration following SSO provider's documentation:
  • Set "Name" value to SaaSLicense
  • Set "Single sign on URL" value to
  • Set "Audience URI (SP Entity ID)" value to
  • Change "Name ID format" to x509SubjectName (if applicable)
  • Once SaaSLicense is registered in SSO Provider:
    • Look for "SAML Issuer ID" link, copy URL and paste it into "SAML Issuer ID" field in "Settings" tab.
    • Look for “Identity Provider metadata” link, copy the URL and paste it into "Metadata" field in "Settings" tab.

SSO connect

From the Single-Sign On Tab, scroll down an refer to the provider specific sections for 1. General, 2. Okta, 3. ADFS, 4. GSuite, otherwise connect using "General Steps"

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