NetSuite API Integration

Can I uncover Shadow IT integrating with Netsuite?

Securely integrate SaaSLicense and Netsuite to discover Shadow IT and eliminate application security risk.

Also refer to: Configure your SaaSLicense Netsuite connection to discover Shadow IT.

Yes, the advantages of monitoring license usage, discovering applications and mitigating risk present a solution to the growing complexity of Shadow IT and must be considered as part of the overall governance strategy in your IT plan. Once you’ve identified applications in use but developed outside the IT department, you determine the sensitive information the App may include.

Through the SaaSLicense-Netsuite integration, customers are able to seamlessly support Application Discovery by flagging applications which are:

#1) being used and expensed by your employees and

#2) are not currently part of your SaaSLicence registered application cataloged.

The SaaSLicense Discovery module alerts users when unregistered’ applications are identified through Netsuite expense report data comparisons. These discoveries empower your IT team to get ahead of these unsanctioned expenses, and not necessarily try to stop it, but rather get control of the risk, inventory the application, do a proper security review and most importantly help control the on-going cost.