OneLogin API Integration

Can I integrate OneLogin with SaaSLicense?

Securely integrate SaaSLicense and OneLogin and gain visibility into your licensed users and spend. Gain Control of Your Cloud Subscriptions with OneLogin SSO Integration.

With SaaSLicense, you will gain visibility into all user OneLogin licenses, license utilization and SaaS spend.  Having this type of visibility, you can start to make educated decisions based on reporting and analytics, reducing wasted SaaS budget on licenses not being used or under-utilized. 

Manage all your OneLogin contracts and important documents on one platform.  SaaSLicense can be configured to manage all of your contracts and subscriptions, as well as, ensure that renewals will always be on time with its alerting capabilities . Now you can increase your profits and manage your OneLogin licensing with efficiency and precision.

Connect SaaSLicense Applications via OneLogin SSO

Using OneLogin for SSO, SaaSLicense is provided an easy point of entry to uncover all activity and inactivity, reporting valuable insight which empowers you to optimize spend across the business.

While our direct integrations with the common, often most expensive vendors make it possible for SaaSLicense to provide valuable license cost / usage analysis.  Integrating with OneLogin gives us insight into all applications, used across the organization no matter how big or small.

With this deeper access, we can outline the most comprehensive picture of your application and license utilization, spend, and opportunity for savings.